We Will Remember Them

It seems appropriate at this time of year to write a blog titled ‘We Will Remember Them’.

‘We will remember them’ is an engaging talk about my research into my Grand Uncle’s World War One service. Discovering a letter from a relative encouraged me to uncover the real story behind Alfred’s sacrifice for Great Britain (all the more poignant due to his upbringing). The talk explores the journey Alfred takes from Australia to the battlefields of France in 1914.

During this journey I illustrate my talk with the key records you could access and use to understand your ancestors story. From military to civilian records, those records that bring Alfred alive again as a real person; to tell his story ‘Lest we forget’.

Talk overview



My interest for my Grand Uncle Alfred started upon discovering a letter, in a box of family photos and documents. Amongst other information the letter stated:

Alf joined the army pre-war as a bandsman in the 2nd battalion of the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. He left Dover on 4th August 1914 as part of the 4th Division of the 12th Brigade. Killed in World War One [WWI] at 21 years old (battle of Le Cateau near Cambria on 26th August 1914), his death really shocked his brother John Edward Hatton and he used to visit his grave every year

Intrigued, and with a couple of photographs of Alfred to hand I decided I wanted to find out more. I knew that the records that survive can be different for each person (some are sparse, some very detailed). But what did survive for Alfred to corroborate this letter?

Alfred Hatton

Alfred Hatton

The cause

What were the causes of World War I? It is a complex picture and the following website is as good as any in explaining the complexity (which is still being debated today) http://www.firstworldwar.com/origins/causes.htm

For the action in which Alfred Hatton was lost: http://www.firstworldwar.com/battles/mons.htm

Discover the story behind Alfred and his sacrifice, which is still being revealed today, over 100 years later.

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  • Why research family history?
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  • Alfred Hatton the family story
  • Sources that may indicate military ancestors
  • BMD Certs
  • Wills
  • Newspapers
  • Electoral rolls
  • Use online databases/indexes for locating family history information
  • WWI What records exist?
  • Where do I find these records?
  • Collect vital records
  • Service and operational records
  • Army
  • Where to find these records
  • Casualty and Prisoners
  • Army
  • Other sources of information
  • Missing, presumed dead
  • Summary and
  • much more

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