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What stories might your ancestors tell?

Best Lecturer I’ve heard at the Society of Genealogists


Mar 2020

Many thanks for a helpful [online] talk. Learnt lots of bits I did not know. Enjoyed the interactive aspect. Au revoir from France

TJ; June 2020

Thank you very much for a very interesting talk, at the Family History Day at Ipswich. Hope to hear another of your talks sometime

Margaret; Sept 2019

Thank you to Robert. I found Robert’s talk very interesting. It was informative and at a perfect pace. I enjoyed the interactive polls!

Society of Genealogists; June 2020

Current Talks (Webinar/Face to Face)

Title Details
Searching for William
During World War Two William’s wife sent food parcels to William’s family in London. After the war the families lost touch. What happened next will amaze you…
What stories would your ancestors tell?
A talk for beginners, how to start discovering your ancestors using proven research techniques.
What other stories would your ancestors tell?
A talk for those that have begun their family research and want to continue discovering ancestors using proven research techniques.
Electronic family history
Using the Internet to search for your family; tips, techniques, free sites and pitfalls.

(Beginner and advanced level talk available)

We will remember them…
An engaging talk about the speakers research into his Grand Uncle’s Great War service. Discovering a letter encouraged Robert to uncover the real story behind Alfred’s sacrifice.
The lopsided barge
A fascinating talk with a twist about the speakers journey of discovery, having located his only Cambridgeshire ancestor.
Making sense of the Census
A talk for beginners, or those that have been researching for years. Discover something new in the UK census.
Parish Registers
A key resource for Family History Research. Discover crucial background information and research techniques and so discover more about your ancestors.
Our ancestors 1939-1945
What sources are available for tracking our ancestors at this crucially important time of their lives and how can you access them?
Using Social Media for Family History
An increasingly popular way to communicate. How can you use Social Media safely for your family history research?
Smuggling an accursed thing
Contraband running was rife along the entire length of the British coast and loud were the voices condemning it. How were the speakers ancestors involved?
The Quiz
A fun family history quiz to test your knowledge. Suitable for beginners to advanced level. What are you waiting for?
The 1939 Register
One of the most important contemporary documents available. How can you use this document effectively in your research?
Pre 1858 Wills
Where to search for pre-1858 Wills, how to overcome brick-walls in your research and the reading of old Wills. An interactive workshop
Searching for your alien ancestors
Get your head around the key tips and techniques for successful research and start locating your ancestors in any other country.
Finding your Ancestors on
Discover the secrets to finding your ancestors on; an interactive webinar or talk.
  1. Webinar: 45 min input, followed by 45 min Q&A (interactive Q&A Forum – self help / general discussion; speaker led)
  2. Free handout for each Webinar
  • Finding Your Ancestors on (Jan 2021 – contact me for further details)
  • Our ancestors 1939-1945 (Jan 2021 – contact me for further details)
  • Discovering Your Irish Ancestors
    22 Mar 21
    29 Mar 21


Other Webinars

Past talks

Over 100 talks delivered and counting…

  • The Virtual Genealogical Association 2020 Conference
  • The Genealogy Show 2019
  • Society of Genealogists
  • Who Do You Think You Are? Live 2017
  • BIG Family History Show; St Ives
  • Bedfordshire Family History Society
  • Bedfordshire WI
  • Cambridgeshire Family History Society
  • Cambridgeshire Family History Fair
  • Cambridgeshire WI
  • Colmworth & Neighbours History Society
  • Essex Family History Society
  • East of London Family History Society
  • Fenland Family History Society
  • Hertfordshire Family History Society
  • Huntingdonshire Family History Society
  • Huntingdon and Peterborough WI
  • Huntingdon Darby and Joan
  • Kent Family History Society
  • Letchworth Family History Society
  • Lincolnshire Family History Society
  • Peterborough Family History Society
  • St Neots Museum
  • St Georges Over 60s Club, Cambridge
  • St Neots Rotary Club and Inner Wheel
  • and many more

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What stories might your ancestors tell?

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