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  • Delivered to your inbox on the 23rd of the month
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May Doris Needs

May Doris Needs 1907

Who is the subscription newsletter for?

This newsletter is aimed at those who have started their family history research and want intermediate / advanced techniques for continuing to build their family tree

When will it be delivered?

Delivered to your email inbox on the 23rd of the month, each month for as long as you subscribe

What will I receive once a month?

An email newsletter packed with tips and techniques for researching your ancestors

  • Top Tips (beginner) extended
  • Top Tips (intermediate / advanced level)
  • Robs roundup of new record releases online (8 issues out of 12)
  • A substantial discount on my online course
  • Links to my course / talk PowerPoint slides
  • Links to help you learn more about genealogy records and research
  • A ‘secret’ Family History website you may not have discovered yet
  • Discounts with genealogy suppliers and record holders
  • And much more…

What is the content of the 1st newsletter (May 2018)?

  • Extended Top Tips (building on those in my free newsletter)
  • Top Tips Advanced (1730’s Westminster & Chelsea family records)
  • Robs Roundup (including new record releases for Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Cheshire, Jersey, Kirkaldy, Lancashire, London, Middlesex, New Zealand, Norfolk, Sussex, Wiltshire and Worcestershire and much more)
  • Advanced learning links (reading old handwriting)
  • What stories might your ancestors tell? My talk slides
  • A ‘secret’ Family History website you may not have discovered yet
  • Discounts
  • and much more

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This really is a newsletter you must subscribe to; I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Roland Needs and brothers

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What is the difference between my FREE Newsletter and my Subscription Newsletter?

Feed back

Free newsletter

I am on the regular circulation list for your free monthly newsletter, which I find excellent and very helpful
Doreen, Oct 2018

Subscription newsletter

It was packed with fascinating content and useful links
Al, June 2018

Issues 1-4 of my subscription newsletter included:

  • 4 Talk PowerPoints
  • 4 Services
  • 7 Blogs
  • 8 Top Tips
  • 17 Learning links
  • 26 Events
  • 55 websites
  • 81 (£) in discounts
  • 82 new record releases

Top Tips (4) extended

  • How should I record my research?
  • It’s all in the name!
  • Research principles
  • Where do I start my family history research?

Top Tips (4) advanced

  • Using the 1939 Register
  • Reserved occupations (during war)
  • Ancestry and their DNA test
  • 1730’s Westminster and Chelsea family history records


  • The 1939 Register
  • O Canada! Land of our Ancestors
  • The long white cloud
  • I will share more secrets and successes

Robs roundup (8 times a year)

  • 82 new record releases

Events (links)

  • 13 talks
  • 7 events

Learning links

  • The 1939 Register
  • FamilySearch App
  • Palaeography
  • Qualify as a genealogist
  • YouTube; 4 Family History Research Videos
  • My on-line course

Talk slides

  • A quick Guide to Getting Started
  • Electronic Family History
  • What stories would your ancestors tell?
  • What other stories would your ancestors tell?

Secret websites

  • General Background to 1851 Religious Census
  • Basketmakers
  • Mary Evans picture library
  • Bishopsgate Institute


  • Family History related discounts

My Services


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Robert Parker is a Genealogist and Trainer, based in Kent. He delivers courses, guidance, talks and research services for those interested in tracing their ancestors. See https://myfamilygenealogy.co.uk/guidance/ for his 5 steps to discovering your ancestors. Contact Robert to discuss your requirements without obligation.

What stories might your ancestors tell?

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