Enjoy my Family History Blogs; techniques for researching your family history.

What stories might your ancestors tell?

Your Ancestors in Europe

Your Ancestors in Europe Do you have family stories, myths or legends about ancestors arriving from Europe hundreds of years ago? Does your skin, hair, eye colour lead you to believe your ancestors weren't originally British? Do you have more recent experiences of...

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Your Ancestors in India

Your Ancestors in India   The largest democracy in the world. A fast developing, dynamic country with a strong connection to Britain. One that helped shape the dress, culture and food of the 'mother country'. A country that is confident and independent in the world,...

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The 1939 Register

The 1939 Register The 1939 Register is one of the most important contemporary documents available to genealogists (Family Historians). During my new, engaging family history talk I explore: + Why is this one of the most important contemporary documents? + What are the...

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O Canada ! Land of our ancestors

O Canada ! Land of our ancestors Canada is in North America and is one of the worlds most ethnically and multi-culturally diverse countries. This is a result of 3 centuries of large scale immigration. How can you discover your Canadian Ancestors? Canada is the worlds...

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The long, white cloud

The land of the long, white cloud   New Zealand is a place many in the UK know of, even if they haven't visited. This is probably because of the connection New Zealand has with the United Kingdom. How can you research your Kiwi ancestors and what records are...

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I will share more secrets and successes

I will share more secrets and successes My subscription newsletter is packed with further information and advice for your Family History Research 12 issues over 12 months Delivered to your inbox on the 23rd of the month £12 for 12 issues (£1 per issue;...

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