Up, up and away

Up, up and away You'll be aware of the centenary of the Royal Air Force (RAF) if you read a newspaper or watch the TV. Continue reading this blog which will enable you to discover more about the RAF and the records that you might discover for your ancestors. The RAF...

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Australian Records

Australian Records The first fleet arrived in Sydney in 1788, since then we have had a fascination with ‘The land down under’. Many of us can claim ancestors from Australia, or find ancestors that travelled to Australia. With the loss of Britain’s American Colonies...

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Talk: Smuggling an accursed thing

Talk: Smuggling an accursed thing Smuggling is an 'accursed thing' according to John Wesley, founder of the Methodists. Contraband running was rife along the entire length of the British coast and loud were the voices condemning it. The inhabitants of many towns and...

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2017 Blog Summary

2017 Blog Summary I published 10 blogs in 2017, based on the talks I conduct on researching ancestors. Here is a review of each blog and the stories researched and the sources of information that were invaluable to me. Have a look, and click on the title of those that...

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Using Social Media for your Family History

Using Social Media for your Family History In your family history research you have probably stumbled upon Social Media or used it. Social Media is an ideal platform for communicating, collaborating and networking. It is becoming a very popular way to communicate and...

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We Will Remember Them

We Will Remember Them It seems appropriate at this time of year to write a blog titled 'We Will Remember Them'. 'We will remember them' is an engaging talk about my research into my Grand Uncle's World War One service. Discovering a letter from a relative encouraged...

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