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What stories might your ancestors tell?

Your ancestors in Hungary

Your ancestors in Hungary Hungary is a Country with a rich history, most of us know the Country by its Capital Budapest. However great numbers of people contributed to the waves of European Emigration from the 1850s - 1940s. Were your ancestors among them? This blog...

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Your ancestors in Germany

Your ancestors in Germany Germany is a Country we tend to know through two world wars and the European Union. Many German speaking people migrated to the United Kingdom and settled before and after the major wars of the 20th Century. Like many European countries...

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Your ancestors in Belgium

Your ancestors in Belgium   Belgium, a Country perhaps close to our hearts in the United Kingdom. Belgium refugees were welcomed into the UK during the 1st World War, looking for food, shelter and most importantly security from Germanys' invading army. The history of...

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Your ancestors in Austria

Your ancestors in Austria Austrian family history records, like many European Records are challenging to track down if you don't know which part of Austria your ancestor came from. If the Census you are consulting states your ancestor was from Austria you need to work...

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Your ancestors in Northern Ireland

Your ancestors in Northern Ireland   Irish family history records have been a challenge in the past to family history research. This is changing rapidly due to online records and Family History Societies dedicated to supporting you with your understanding of the...

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