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What stories might your ancestors tell?

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Your criminal ancestors

Your criminal ancestors   Do you have criminal connections? What I mean by this is do you have criminal ancestors? I'm must admit that so far my ancestors have appeared as whiter than white (morally beyond reproach), and I'm disappointed! Now, don't get me wrong I...

Your ancestors in Andorra

Your ancestors in Andorra   Andorra (officially the Principality of Andorra) is a landlocked country on the Iberian Peninsula. The present principality was formed by charter in 1278. Tourism is the big draw to Andorra with over 10 million visitors annually; I skied...

Talk: The Quiz

Talk: The Quiz   The Quiz is a fun, interactive exercise for groups in a face to face or online meeting. Robert Parker will test your knowledge of family history whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced genealogist. You are bound to learn something new...

Your ancestors in Switzerland

Your ancestors in Switzerland   Switzerland (officially the Swiss Federation) is a Country most Europeans will recognise as a centre of secretive banking and beautiful mountain scenery, scattered with cows producing milk for Swiss chocolate. Wanting to trace your...

Talk: Finding Your Ancestors on Ancestry.co.uk

Talk: Finding Your Ancestors on Ancestry.co.uk   Do you have trouble finding your ancestors on Ancestry.co.uk (the biggest subscription family history website)? With billions of records waiting to be discovered sometimes in your search you generate hundreds of...

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