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“I’m Robert Parker (my family genealogy .co.uk); I help others understand who they are, through researching their family tree.”

I’m a qualified and experienced Genealogist (family historian) and Trainer, based in Kent, United Kingdom. I deliver courses, guidance, talks and research services for those interested in tracing their ancestors. I have been researching my own family history for over 25 years.

What stories might your ancestors tell?

Please explore my website and don’t hesitate in contacting me if you have any questions.

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Through my services, I will enable you to travel back in time to discover your ancestors stories

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Learning for individuals or groups to support you to find your ancestors and build a family tree

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I’m an advanced and professional speaker, offering inspiring Family History stories based on practical research

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What stories might your ancestors tell?

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Based in Kent, United Kingdom


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Your ancestors in Scotland

Your ancestors in Scotland   Scottish records are sometimes much more detailed and impressive than their English counterparts for Family History research. For example registered events include the names of both parents. Having Scottish ancestors will enable you to...

Your Ancestors in Asia

Your Ancestors in Asia   The largest, most populated continent, is roughly 30% of the worlds total land area and was the area of some of the very first human populations. Today Asian humans constitute 60% of the total human population. Government systems, historical...

Your Ancestors in Europe

Your Ancestors in Europe Do you have family stories, myths or legends about ancestors arriving from Europe hundreds of years ago? Does your skin, hair, eye colour lead you to believe your ancestors weren't originally British? Do you have more recent experiences of...

Your Ancestors in India

Your Ancestors in India   The largest democracy in the world. A fast developing, dynamic country with a strong connection to Britain. One that helped shape the dress, culture and food of the 'mother country'. A country that is confident and independent in the world,...

The 1939 Register

The 1939 Register The 1939 Register is one of the most important contemporary documents available to genealogists (Family Historians). During my new, engaging family history talk I explore: + Why is this one of the most important contemporary documents? + What are the...

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